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The hydrogel is designed to balance pH levels in a malignant tumor and act as a delivery system for one of the most effective cancer fighting drugs, potentially addressing critical problems faced in current cancer treatment. Zahra Ahmed is lead study author and an Engineering Ph.D. student in the Brown lab of Assistant Professor of Engineering Vikas Srivastava.
Developed by a team of Brown-led researchers, including Sara Oliveira Santos, a Ph.D. candidate at Brown’s School of Engineering, Pleobot is a krill-inspired robot offering potential solutions for underwater locomotion and ocean exploration, both on Earth and moons throughout the solar system.
Kiara Lee will graduate with a doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering and a master’s degree in Global Public health, which she earned through the Open Graduate Education Program. Her dissertation, Leveraging Biotransport Mechanisms in the Design of Technologies to Improve Access to Blood-Based Diagnostics, was selected for the Joukowsky Prize in the life sciences.
Anant Hariharan was selected for his impacts to the fields of seismology, tectonics, and geodynamics through his dissertation, Understanding Overtone Interference in Surface Wave Measurements: Application to Anisotropic Imaging of the Uppermost Mantle Beneath North America.
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Dennis Hogan '22 PhD Selected for Joukowsky Dissertation Prize

Dennis Hogan, who completed his degree in Comparative Literature in September of 2022, is recognized for his dissertation, The Queen of Two Worlds: Crisis and Creation in the Central American Transit Zones, 1848-1914. He was selected for the Joukowsky Prize in the humanities.
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Advising and Mentoring Award Presented to Patrick Heller

Patrick Heller's nominators, all 18 of them, emphasize his genuine interest in their studies, his intense care and support for them as academics and people, and his patience and support as they work through ideas, projects, and navigate academic challenges and pandemic disruptions.
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Kevin Quashie Honored with Advising and Mentoring Award

Professor of English, Kevin Quashie, was nominated by several students, who are among the many he formally and informally advises at Brown. Each student nominator provides a personal and detailed account of Quashie’s mentorship, sharing how they felt supported and encouraged both academically, and as unique individuals.
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Horace Mann Medal Awarded to Jennifer Lackey ‘00 Ph.D.

Jennifer Lackey ‘00 Ph.D. is the Wayne and Elizabeth Jones Professor of Philosophy and Professor of Law (courtesy) at Northwestern University. She is also the Founding Director of the Northwestern Prison Education Program.
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Haley Keglovits Honored with Teaching Award

Haley Keglovits is recognized with an Excellence in Teaching Award for being an encouraging, supportive mentor who is generous with her time.
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Teaching Excellence Award Granted to Kristen Iemma

Doctoral candidate kristen iemma received an Excellence in Teaching Award that acknowledges her self-designed course, Archival Interventions, where students created the Brown Undergraduate Covid-19 Archives during the height of the pandemic.
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Olivia Lafferty Recognized for Teaching Excellence

Olivia Lafferty was selected for an Excellence in Teaching Award for her ability to share thoughtful feedback, create community, and encourage active student engagement.
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Meet Your Graduate Student Coordinators

Doctoral and master’s students are helping to build an inclusive community and develop programming and resources for graduate students across campus.
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Doctoral Research Travel Spans the Globe

Eleven doctoral students received Global Mobility Research Fellowships during the fall and spring semesters of 2022-2023. They’ve traveled to Ghana, Germany, Argentina,Mozambique, and many other countries to conduct dissertation research.
Ethel Barja Cuyutupa completed her degree in October of last year in Hispanic Studies. She is the recipient of the Joukowsky Prize in the humanities for her dissertation, Tiempo de Promesa: Resonancias de la Revolución Cubana en la Poesía Latinoamericana (translated: Times of Promise: Resonances of the Cuban Revolution in Latin American Poetry).
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Carvalho, Doctoral Sociology Candidate Chosen for Teaching Award

Rui F. Carvalho, a doctoral candidate in Sociology was nominated specifically for his course, A Hip-Hop Companion to Race and Ethnicity, which he taught both at Brown and as an after school elective at Blackstone Valley Prep High School in the fall of 2021.
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Son, Doctoral Candidate in Psychology Wins Teaching Prize

Jae-Young Son, a fourth year doctoral candidate in Psychology is recognized for his work as a teaching assistant for several courses, including Social Psychology, the largest course in his department with nearly 300 students.