Graduate School

Distinctive Opportunities

Graduate students may choose from a range of development opportunities.

The Open Graduate Education Program allows select Brown doctoral students to pursue a master’s degree in a secondary field. All doctoral students are invited to propose their own combination of studies, free of any disciplinary barrier.
The Research Mobility Fellowship program supports doctoral students who seek to conduct pre-dissertation or dissertation research during one academic year semester.
The Doctoral Research Travel Grant provides funding for doctoral students traveling to conduct scholarly research, either within the US or internationally.
The Offices of the Dean of the Graduate School and the Dean of the Faculty are pleased to share the Deans’ Faculty Fellows Program for 2024-2025. The Deans’ Faculty Fellows program will award selected students a spring semester academic appointment as Visiting Assistant Professors, following completion of the Ph.D. degree.
Brown offers interdisciplinary opportunities to support advanced graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. These opportunities provide an enhanced context for advanced doctoral students, allowing them to engage in the activities of interdisciplinary Centers and Institutes at Brown.
Through collaboration with other institutions, the Graduate School offers distinctive teaching fellowship opportunities for advanced students: the Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows Program and the Brown-Tougaloo Partnership Faculty Fellows Program.
Research Matters, hosted by the Graduate School, is a live event, featuring short talks by graduate students on why their research matters. These brief talks showcase exceptional graduate student scholarship and celebrate their ideas.
Doctoral certificate programs are open to enrolled PhD students. These programs are designed to extend expertise into interdisciplinary areas and to certify training beyond the home Ph.D. discipline. They promise to advance student careers as well as promote intellectual exchange and community in these academic areas.