Graduate School

Dean’s Message

Thank you for your interest in graduate education at Brown University.

Thomas A. Lewis

Brown’s Graduate School is committed to scholarly excellence and student success.

We bring to our work a genuine openness to innovation that cultivates the talents of our scholars and forges a culture that builds community. As Dean of the Graduate School, my aim is to improve the already significant opportunities for our graduate students to create new knowledge, prepare for careers inside and beyond the academy, and address the evolving needs of society.

Brown University invests significantly in graduate education and research. We are deeply committed to the work we do in broadening participation in higher education that leads to a more diverse and inclusive scholarly community.

Whether you are looking at graduate schools, already headed to Brown for graduate studies, or presently here on campus, I hope that you will make the most of opportunities to expand your knowledge.

Best wishes,

Thomas A. Lewis
Dean of the Graduate School