Graduate School

Dr. Jonathan R. Everhart honored with the Master’s Award for Professional Excellence

In parallel to his studies, lifelong learner achieves significant accomplishments in the fields of finance, the digital economy and ESG.

Dr. Jonathan R. Everhart posed in a blue suit jacket and white shirtAnnually, Brown University honors a master’s student whose outstanding contributions have influenced or contributed to thephoto of Dr. Jonathan R. Everhart field or profession. This year, the recipient of the Master’s Award for Professional Excellence is. Dr. Jonathan R. Everhart ’23 Sc.M., a graduate of the master’s in cybersecurity program.

A lifelong learner, Everhart has earned nine degrees spanning multiple disciplines, including business, law, accounting and technology. This education combined with his passion and determination has fueled his rise to being one of the premier global leaders in sustainable digital economies. Read more.