Graduate School

Partner Spotlight: Chris Gilbody, Director, Graduate Financial Aid

Chris Gilbody administers financial aid for graduate students, ensuring the timely processing of financial aid applications and managing the overall counseling efforts and communication strategies to graduate programs from the Office of Financial Aid.

Chris Gilbody standing up wearing a dark suit and blue shirt.Gilbody is also the point of contact for the Graduate School and the individual graduate programs and assists with financial education opportunities and workshops.

Gilbody shares that his top priority for graduate students is to ensure they have easy and reliable access to the information needed related to paying for their Brown education.

“Working with students is my favorite part of working in financial aid. I am particularly excited about learning and hearing more about how students are using their degrees and what wonderful things they accomplish,” says Gilbody.

Gilbody previously worked at Brown as an Assistant Director of Financial Aid from 2010 to 2015. Coming back, he says, “it is amazing to see new programs, initiatives, departments and services that have been created in the last decade and the impact they have had in that time.”

Gilbody wants to be a resource for graduate students and graduate programs alike. See his contact information.