Graduate School

Guide for Admitted Students

What to do Now


As soon as you receive instructions to activate, or:

  • By June 1 for degree programs that start in September 
  • By May 1 for degree programs that start in June and July
  • By January 1 for degree programs that start in January

Check your personal email for instructions to activate your Brown account and email with your Brown ID number. For issues, see the IT Knowledgebase or contact the Office of Information Technology Service Center.

After Activation we Recommend

  1. Add a mobile number to Banner. This allows you to reset your Brown password should you forget it, and also ensures you are notified should an emergency occur at Brown. To do this, log in to and click Personal Information.
  2. Log in to your email. You can simply visit and enter your Brown email address; you’ll be prompted to log in with Brown single sign on.
  3. Setup Two-Step Verification. The first time you log in to a Brown service like Banner, you will be prompted to set up a means of verification, such as a phone number. You can log into MyAccount after setup to add additional devices or phone numbers. Read more about two-step verification at


International Students
International numbers are acceptable and they should be entered with a + in front of the country code. If you don't plan to get a US cell phone once in the country, you can use the smartphone app (Duo Mobile) over wifi or without a connection.


Read Financing Graduate School and check out other resources at the Office of Financial Aid.

Explore Housing Options

Graduate student housing applications through Auxiliary Housing open in Spring (generally March or April) for the following fall. 

Housing Webinar

Watch a recording of the 2024 Incoming Student Housing Webinar hosted by the Graduate Student Council on Friday, May 3, 2024.

Read more about Brown University Graduate School: Deans and staff, governance, where we are on social media, and the Graduate Student Council.

What to do Before you Arrive on Campus

  • By July 1 for programs that start in the summer or fall.
  • By January 2 for programs that start in the spring.

Read about health requirements for new graduate students and learn more about your health and wellness resources while at Brown. 

Visit Student Health Insurance Website for up to date deadlines.

Learn about your graduate student insurance coverage while at Brown. Waive coverage if you are currently enrolled in a comparable plan.


  • By August 1 (earlier if possible) for programs that start in the summer and fall
  • By December 4 for programs that start in the spring

Visit the Applicant and Student section on Banner to submit a photo for your Brown Identification Card


  • By July 1 for Master's program (see exclusions below) that start in the summer and fall
  • By August 1 for programs for PhD, MFA & BioMedical Master's programs that start in the summer and fall
  • By December 15 for PhD, MFA & BioMedical Master's programs that start in the spring

PhD, MFA & BioMedical Master's Programs

Official transcripts for your undergraduate degree, including degree conferral, must be submitted to the Graduate School:

  • ​​Via mail to:
    Graduate School Admissions
    Brown University 
    Box 1867
    Providence, RI 02912
  • Via email from your school's Registrar​'s Office through a​n​ ​electronic​ service to

All Other Master's Programs

Please refer to the email you received from the Master's Study Enrollment Team directly for detailed instructions.


  • By August 1 for the fall semester
  • By January 1 for the spring semester

University Bursar

The University Bursar is responsible for handling all billing questions. For information, deadlines, or forms related to tuition, billing, payment plans and refund policies, please visit the Bursar’s website. See especially the student account and billing information and E-Bill and Payment Guide.


  • By September 6 for programs that start in the summer and fall
  • By January 24 for programs that start in the spring

Online Course

Complete the online course on Academic Code & Code of Student Conduct as soon as you receive the links in your Brown email.

Start the I-9 Form process (if you will be receiving a stipend), which can be initiated in Workday. If needed, see instructions for completing the I-9

Checkout the pages on AccommodationsParkingMaps & Directions before you arrive.

What to do After you Arrive on Campus

Brown Card Office

Visit the Brown Card Office (check website for hours before going), Page-Robinson Hall, room 511. Learn about Brown ID Card services.

Registration form

Complete the OISSS New Student Registration Form online with a scan of your passport, immigration documents, and I-94 record.

  • Deadline: within 3 days of arriving in Providence

Social Security

If you are receiving funding from Brown, apply for a Social Security card; provide your Social Security number to the Payroll office.

  • Deadline: approximately 10 days - two weeks after arrival. 

Additional information for international students


  • By September 1

Complete Form

Complete the forms online through the Workday


  • On the right hand side of the page, select "Workday Access".  Once logged in, check your Workday inbox for required tasks to complete.
  • Staff at the Brown Business Center can also help students review their records and assist with the completion of these forms.

Meet the program leadership, administrators, and your advisor. Consult with your advisor prior to registering for courses.


  • Fall 2023: September 1 at 4 pm - September 4 at 11:59 pm (except online MPH)
  • Spring 2024 for continuing students: November 7 at 12 pm - November 14 at 5 pm (except online MPH)

Register online for courses through CAB (Courses@Brown).
Check out the Registrar's website for a calendar with important dates and deadlines and registration information.


  • By September 8 for fall starts
  • By January 19 for spring starts


Complete the I-9 Form process (if you will be receiving a stipend), which can be initiated in Workday before arriving on campus and completed at the HR Service Center, Page-Robinson Hall, room 213. If needed, see instructions for completing the I-9. Also, see a list of acceptable documents.

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