Graduate School

Academic Code

All incoming graduate students are required to take an online course on the rules of conduct defined in the Academic Code, Graduate Student edition and the Student Conduct Code, which pertains to all students.

The Academic Code Booklet

The Academic Code booklet was updated in 2007 to more distinctly reflect the academic issues faced by graduate students. The Code remains a work in progress as the deans of the Graduate School and other University officials coordinate and re-evaluate some of its details and the specifics of its implementation.

Download the Academic Code, Graduate Student edition

“ Academic achievement is evaluated on the basis of work that a student produces independently. A student who obtains credit for work, words, or ideas which are not the products of his or her own effort is dishonest. Such dishonesty undermines the integrity of academic standards of the University. Infringement of the Academic Code entails penalties ranging from reprimand to suspension, dismissal or expulsion from the University. Brown students are expected to tell the truth. Misrepresentation of facts, significant omissions or falsifications in any connection with the academic process (including Change of Course permits, the academic transcript, or applications for training or employment) are violations of the Code. This policy also applies to alumni, insofar as it relates to Brown transcripts and other records of work at Brown.

Misunderstanding the Code will not be accepted as an excuse for dishonest work. If a student has questions on any aspect of the Academic Code as it relates in a particular course or as it may be interpreted in practice, he or she should consult the instructor in the course or one of the deans of the Graduate School so as to avoid the serious charge of academic dishonesty. ”

From the Academic Code


If students have any questions regarding academic regulations, they should contact the Dean of the Graduate School immediately; for questions regarding student conduct, contact the Associate Dean and Director of Student Support Services; for questions regarding research policies and regulations, contact the Vice President for Research.