Graduate School

Marissa Bennett Wins Outstanding Academic Accomplishment Award

BennettSelected for her significant research on traumatic brain injury (TBI), Marissa Bennett, a master’s student in Biotechnology, will receive the Outstanding Academic Accomplishment award at the Graduate School Commencement Ceremony on May 1. This award recognizes academic accomplishments that may include published or unpublished papers, essays, research posters, presentations, readings, performances, or other works.

Bennett began her research on TBI as an undergraduate student at Regis College and hoped to continue as a part of her master’s program at Brown. She interviewed and was accepted into a Research Assistant position in the Neurotrauma and Brain Barriers Research Laboratory, led by Adam Chodobski, a Professor of Emergency Medicine.

“Marissa well understood the importance and challenges of TBI research, and she wanted to creatively contribute to this research. With her excellent organizational skills and a sharp attention to details, she did not disappoint me as a member of our team, demonstrating

the ability to learn fast and work independently,” shares Chodobski.

Bennett earned a first authorship on paper published in the Journal of Neurotrauma, which was primarily focused on data she generated in Chodobski’s lab. She also used this data as the basis for her thesis, entitled, rhPRG4 - A Novel Multifunctional Biologic that Exerts Diverse Therapeutic Effects in Neurotrauma.

After graduation she plans to continue her education through pursuing a doctoral degree with a research focus on brain barriers and diseases of the central nervous system. She will continue as a research assistant in the Neurotrauma and Brain Barriers Research Laboratory at Rhode Island Hospital.

Chodobski notes that Bennett has a passion for science and is intense and determined to pursue a career as a researcher and in her words, “to uncover and better understand the mechanisms governing the biological processes.” 

Bennett shares, “being selected for this award is an honor. This acknowledgment pushes me to work harder and validates that this is what I am meant to do in life.”

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