Graduate School

Graduate Student Union Information

The Graduate Labor Organization (GLO) is the union of graduate student employees at Brown University (previously named Stand Up for Graduate Students Employees).

A graduate student’s inclusion in the bargaining unit depends on their appointment in a given semester. It’s important to remember that a student's status in the bargaining unit may change every semester. Details about which appointments are included in the bargaining unit and the associated benefits can be found in the Graduate Student Union Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Where to Find Current Union Status

Each semester, graduate students with an appointment will receive an Appointment Letter which provides information about whether they are in the bargaining unit. Appointment Letters are accessible by logging in to Self Service Banner (SSB), clicking on the' Student' tab and selecting ‘Graduate Student Appointment Details’ at the bottom of the list.

Appointment Classification

The ‘Appointment Classification’ section of the letter will show if a graduate student is in the bargaining unit for the designated term. See a sample Appointment Letter highlighting the ‘Appointment Classification’ section.

Bargaining Unit

If a graduate student is in the bargaining unit, the letter will also include information and links directing them to complete either the GLO Membership Form or the GLO Fair Share Fee Authorization (these forms can be found on the GLO website). See a sample Appointment Letter highlighting the GLO information section.

If a graduate student is appointed to a position that is in the bargaining unit, they are not required to become a member of the union, but they will still pay the Fair Share Fee. Graduate students cannot opt out of being in the bargaining unit to avoid the fee.


  • Find more information about what’s included in the Appointment Letter, current stipend rates, and how the stipend may be affected by inclusion in the bargaining unit on the Graduate Student Stipend Information webpage.
  • Review details about the different types of appointments in the Graduate School Handbook.
  • Find additional details about specific appointments by speaking with a program administrator and/or DGS.
  • Read detailed course information, including schedule and location, for assigned courses (as a student or TA) in Courses@Brown.
  • Learn about the costs associated with being in the bargaining unit in the ‘How much are dues?’ section of the GLO FAQs webpage.


  • For questions or additional information, please contact GLO using the contact form on the GLO website.
  • If you have questions that you would like to direct to the University please contact Wendy Zhu, Labor Relations Data Specialist, University Human Resources.