Graduate School

Household Goods & Furniture Rental

As international graduate students arrive in Providence to begin their studies, they are confronted by one of the challenges of international moves: how to furnish an apartment inexpensively and without accumulating things that will have to be sold in a few years. 

Household Leasing Service

One solution is the Household Leasing Service, run by Women and Men at Brown a Brown voluntary group that rents used furniture and household goods to international graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and faculty


The Household Leasing Service rents beds, tables and chairs, bureaus, desks, lamps, baby furniture, kitchen equipment and miscellaneous items at low prices. It is possible for a family to rent furniture for one year for a whole apartment for about $300, of which the 50% deposit is returnable at the end of the leasing period. Single items are also available for rent.  

The Household Leasing Services office is located in the basement of New Pembroke Dorm 4. 

Women and Men at Brown has provided its services to the Brown Community since the late 1970s.