Graduate School

Departments & Courses/Areas of Focus for 2023-2024

Department/Program Course/Area of Focus
Anthropology Archaeology; Forensic Anthropology; Human Evolution and Cultural anthropology (any topics)
French Studies Advanced courses in French Studies (Literature and/or Cultural Studies)
German Any German course (language, culture, literature, or art history)
Greek  Latin Greek or Latin in English translation
Economics Environmental Economics
Education Education and Race, Sociology of Education, Psychology of Education, Anthropology and Education, or Culturally-Responsive Pedagogy
Music Introductory Music Theory
Sociology Any course
Public Health Introduction to Public Health or advanced specialty seminars in Public Health
Religion Courses in Comparative Religion, Bible, Judaism, Islam, or Buddhism
Women and Gender Studies Introductory courses in women and gender studies. Any course in Indigenous/First Nations Feminisms, or Black Feminisms

Areas not Represented

Applicants in areas not represented in the focus areas above can review Wheaton College's academic programs and offerings and identify an existing area to which they propose to contribute. Please note clearly in your application letter which Academic Program at Wheaton College would host you.