Graduate School

Report of the Task Force on Doctoral Education

The Task Force on Doctoral Education has released its final report, and feedback is invited on the Task Force’s recommendations. Drawing on broad engagement with the community and extensive review of data, the report offers a robust overview of doctoral education at Brown and its recommendations offer a positive path for further enhancement.

The task force was composed of faculty and graduate students from across the University. Formed in September 2021, it was charged by Provost Richard Locke to develop “recommendations for promoting outstanding, innovative graduate education that supports the University’s excellence in research and teaching while also preparing graduates for desired career outcomes.”

The recommendations identify key steps to advance the academic excellence of our programs: These include strategies to ensure that our curricula are at the forefront of their disciplines and to enhance the quality of graduate advising. The report also highlights the importance of leveraging Brown’s culture of interdisciplinarity and commitment diversity and inclusion.

It’s important that our path forward reflects the interests of our community, so we are inviting input and feedback on the recommendations. The Graduate School will work with the Faculty Executive Committee and the Graduate Student Council to host a series of forums that provide opportunities for discussion and comment. Input and feedback are also welcome through the online form below. The feedback gathered will shape the development of an operational plan to act on the recommendations.