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Kevin Boyce Selected for the Master’s Award for Engaged Citizenship

Service to the community, the nation and the world is embedded in the fabric of Brown University. That’s why each year, the institution honors a master’s student with the Master’s Award for Engaged Citizenship and Community Service. 

Kevin BoyceThe 2022 awardee is Kevin Boyce ’22 MPA, a service minded, unapologetic justice oriented, and thoughtful student leader. He is being honored for his incredible commitment and dedication to creating a more inclusive community at Brown University, particularly for students of color. 

After earning his bachelor’s degree in business, entrepreneurship, and organizational studies at Brown, Boyce chose his alma mater to pursue his master of public affairs (MPA). During the program, he served as the Graduate Assistant for the Graduate Student of Color Initiative (GSOC), under Vincent Harris, Associate Dean and Director, Brown Center for Students of Color (BCSC). 

As the graduate assistant for GSOC, Boyce epitomized the mission of initiative and helped build a sense of belonging through the creation of more inclusive space for graduate students of color. He served as a member of the BCSC Student Advisory Board and undertook initiatives that increased student of color attendance at various events. Students noted that these events helped foster a sense of community and a majority of them realized the BCSC is a place they could retreat to for support, resources and a much-needed sense of shared culture

“Everything he does is with care, compassion, thoughtfulness and love. He follows through and is inclusive. He is the truest example of a servant leader,” notes one of Boyce’s team members at BSCS.

Boyce also served on the Task Force on Anti-Black Racism, playing a critical role in providing a student voice for the University’s initiative on inclusiveness. He currently mentors senior leaders at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs on issues impacting all MPA students with a focus on creating a more inclusive and equitable Watson campus culture. 

Of particular significance was Boyce’s participation as a featured student speaker at the unveiling of the second edition Slavery and Justice Report in November of 2021. In front of an audience of hundreds, Boyce shared his student reflection in relation to this published report. His reflection and comments captured not only the impact Brown has on his lived experiences as a Black man, but also shed light on how far Brown has come as compared to its peer institutions. 

“During this event, Kevin really rose to the occasion, answering the call on behalf of all Brown University students, both graduate and undergraduate. His ability to put his own needs aside to address the needs of this occasion clearly demonstrates not only his commitment to serving his community, but also captures his outstanding engaged citizenship,” notes Harris.

Master’s Award for Engaged Citizenship and Community Service