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Fall Remote Study Requests for Incoming Master's Students

This Fall, Brown will be operating on the traditional two-semester academic calendar with primarily in-person operations. Only a portion of the curriculum will be available to remote students. Students who are taking courses will be expected to participate in-person, with limited exemptions for students who are unable to do so due to health concerns or disability, travel or visa restrictions, or financial hardship.

If you cannot participate in-person this fall because of health concerns or disability, travel or visa restrictions, or financial hardship, you must submit a request for an exceptional circumstances exemption no later than July 16, 2021, via UFunds. Submitting a request form will be the only guaranteed opportunity to request an exemption to study remotely for exceptional circumstances for the Fall 2021 semester.

Incoming students unable to study in-person should apply for an exemption through UFunds, using the form “Petition for Remote Status, Fall 2021 - Incoming Master’s Students (excluding MFA)”,  which can be found under “Graduate Student Administrative Forms.” Please note that this exemption process is only for incoming students. You must have set up your Brown account in order to access UFunds.

We recognize that the dynamic nature of travel restrictions and visa delays means that some students will not yet know when or whether they will be able to arrive on campus. Incoming students who are uncertain at this time should submit a request for an exemption and describe the relevant circumstances. Requests for exemptions due to health concerns or disability will be evaluated by Student Accessibility Services (SAS). Students may be contacted to discuss the circumstances described in their request.

Further information about the exceptional circumstances exemption request, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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