Graduate School

Amal Trivedi Awarded Advising and Mentoring Honor at Sheridan Center Ceremony

Amal Trivedi is one of two faculty members recognized this year with the Faculty Award for Advising and Mentoring. Trivedi received numerous lengthy nominations from current and former students and faculty in the School of Public Health. He is a Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice and a Professor of Medicine.

TrivediAs a faculty member and director of graduate study (DGS) in the School of Public Health, Trivedi is recognized for his mentorship of students throughout their time at Brown and beyond graduation and first career steps. More than one nomination details that the key reason they chose Brown for their graduate studies was Trivedi.

In his role as DGS, students praise his openness and responsiveness to feedback. Particularly during the pandemic, he was able to keep the student community connected with virtual meetings and events. He organized virtual student lunches and a ‘walk with the faculty’ series to keep students connected to the Brown faculty.

As a mentor, students appreciate his feedback to their writing and research ideas and find him to be an excellent thought partner. “I have found his ability to provide supportive and constructive feedback, especially on written work, to be unparalleled,” says PhD candidate Rebecca Thorsness.

Health Services Research is a fairly new doctoral program at Brown and Trivedi has helped to build its reputation on a national level. He has also secured a renewal of a 30+ year federally funded pre-and post-doctoral training program at a time when the number of competitively funded programs declined substantially. He is also a sought-after dissertation committee chair and member.

His advisees describe his genuine interest in their success. Trivedi starts every meeting with a conversation about how they are doing both academically and personally. He encourages students to take more challenging courses and recommends beneficial external opportunities when he has confidence they are capable.

“He has been my biggest advocate while in this program, and has opened so many doors for me either by looking for opportunities that will further my success or by encouraging me to pursue any opportunities I find interesting,” says doctoral candidate Kevin H. Nguyen.

Trivedi shares, "I am deeply honored to receive this award. Mentoring has provided the most meaningful experiences in my career. There is no greater fulfillment than supporting the growth and development of students and trainees.