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Community Resources

From parks to parent support networks, the Providence community offers many resources that may be useful for both you and your family.

  • Have you checked out your local public library or YMCA?
  • Did you know that there are Farmers’ Markets all around Providence, including one on Brown’s campus on the Wriston Quad?
RI Public Transportation accesses and serves all areas of the state of Rhode Island. Brown community members can travel on RI Public Transportation anywhere in the state for free.
We invite you to explore the family resources listed here, especially the Parent Guide to Providence and Beyond. Enjoy your adventures!

Neighborhood Parks and Playgrounds

On the east side of Providence, there are several small neighborhood parks with playscapes that are appropriate for young children. These include the 9th St. Park, the Morris Ave. Totlot, and Gladys Potter Park on Elton St.; the last two are heavily shaded and stay cool even on hot summer days. All three parks are full of communal toys. Lippitt Park at the top of Blackstone Boulevard and Hope St. has bigger equipment and lots of open space for running around or playing games.

Neighborhood Parks in Providence

Other Community Resources