Graduate School

Advanced Doctoral Student Issues

Information about when you are away from Brown and tuition and health insurance scholarships.

Away from Brown

Doctoral students who have completed their 24 tuition-unit requirement and are away from Brown for a semester or the academic year conducting dissertation research are considered full-time students, are charged tuition, health services fee, recreation fee, and the graduate student activity fee, and must have health insurance from Brown or provide proof of comparable coverage under another plan. 

Tuition and Health Insurance Scholarships

The Graduate School has a limited number of Tuition and Health Insurance Scholarships available to award to advance doctoral students. Priority is given to students conducting dissertation research away from Brown, who elect to opt-out of a semester or year of guaranteed funding from the Graduate School. For information on Tuition and Health Insurance Scholarships, funding options available to advanced students conducting research away from Brown during one of their years of guaranteed support, and other advanced student issues, see the sections in the Handbook on Advanced Status.