Graduate School

Tips for a Brief and Compelling Talk

Your Research Matters! talk should feature your most innovative idea and tell the story of your research project for a non-specialist audience.

Research Matters

  • Think big. Make this your best talk ever.
  • Be you. What makes *you* care about these ideas?
  • Tell a story. Use the power of storytelling: think of specifics and examples rather than abstractions, talk about failures as well as successes.
  • Connect. Make your audience care about your ideas, too.
  • Explain. Strive to capture the complexity of your work in terms that we can all understand.
  • Rehearse. Work in stages: develop your content with a written script that you hone into a strong performance. Be sure to practice in front of friends and peers. Solicit feedback on content, visuals, timing, performance, clarity, and impact.