Graduate School


Proctorships are non-instructional academic employment offered through academic department and degree programs, or from other research, training, academic, or administrative offices.

Proctorships are intended to foster the professional development and/or research interests of graduate students. Under no circumstances are proctors to be used for general administrative work. These positions are awarded by the Graduate School based on an application. Proctors appointed outside of academic departments either provide assistance in the implementation of the appointing office’s ongoing programs, or they engage in other work (research, program development, projects, etc.) that is pre-approved and relevant to the appointing office’s academic objectives. Departmental proctors generally receive full tuition or a tuition scholarship, health insurance, the health services fee, and a stipend; the specific financial terms of these awards will be determined at the time of the appointment.

Proposals from nonacademic departments for extra-departmental proctorships that are relevant to students’ professional development or research interests may be made to the Graduate School at any time. Ideally, such proposals will originate as the result of a consultation between a particular campus office and interested graduate student.

All proctorship appointments must be approved by the originating department or office, the director of graduate study in the student’s home department, and the Graduate School.