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International Travel Fund

The International Travel Fund provides funding for graduate students traveling abroad to present at academic conferences or conduct research.

International Travel Fund awards range from $600 to $1,000 and are based on the distance of travel from Providence, RI. Given funding limitations, an application does not guarantee support.

The standard award amounts, based on the distance of the destination from Providence, RI are as follows:

  • Less than 3,000 miles - $600
  • 3,000-5,000 miles - $700
  • 5,000-6,000 miles - $800
  • 6,000-7,000 miles - $900
  • 7,000+ miles - $1,000

All applications and associated documentation must be submitted online through UFunds. Please email with any questions. 

Award Eligibility

  • Doctoral students in years 1 - 6 or on a COVID Appointment Extension; Master's students
    Students are eligible to apply for international travel funding if they are doctoral students in years 1-6, doctoral students on a COVID Appointment Extension, or Master’s students during the entire duration of the travel associated with the award. Students currently on leave are not eligible.

  • Traveling outside of the US to either present at a conference or conduct research
    Students traveling to a conference must show proof that they have been invited to present at the conference. This can be an official email or letter of invitation to present at the conference or a program from the conference with the student’s name and presentation title listed.  Awards will not be granted for merely attending a conference. 
    Students traveling for research must provide a one-page summary of proposed research activities. Students attending a summer school or course which provides critical training for a research project are eligible to apply, but must clearly explain the necessity of the school/course in their research summary.
    MFA students, given the difference in their program structure, are also eligible to apply to the International Travel Fund if they have been invited to participate or perform in a festival, retreat, workshop, production, or other training event that is not sponsored by Brown University.

  • One successful International Travel Fund award per academic year
    Students can receive one International Travel Fund award per academic year (June 1 through May 31) as determined by the end date of  travel. 

  • Apply at least 14 days before the start of travel
    Applications must be submitted through UFunds at least 14 days before the start of travel. Students not able to make this deadline should email to see if an exception can be made. This requirement allows the Graduate School time to process applications and notify students whether they will receive funding or not prior to the start of travel.

  • Provide an approved Safety Plan, if applicable
    All students are required to register their travel plans in TravelSafe and, in addition, some international travel destinations require completion of a Safety Plan in TravelSafe and approval from the Global Travel Risk Assessment Committee (GTRAC). Find current US DOS travel advisory levels in TravelSafe by clicking on the 'Travel Advisories' tab (destinations at Level 3 or 4 - designated at High Risk - require GTRAC approval). Check Brown’s current travel guidelines and requirements on the International Travel Risk Management webpage. Additionally, transactions with comprehensively embargoed countries, including certain academic collaborations and the exchange of research materials, may require authorization from the government. If you are considering collaborating with or traveling to an embargoed country, you must contact Brown's Export Control Team well in advance.

Using your International Travel Fund award

The International Travel Fund award is processed as a reimbursement through a student’s home department. Prepaid expenses such as airfare, conference registration, and prepaid hotel rooms can be submitted for reimbursement prior to travel. Expenses that are not paid for in advance, as well as per diem meals, can be submitted once the student returns from travel. All documentation should be submitted to a student’s home department for processing within 30 days of the completion of travel. 

Please refer to the Graduate Travel Fund Reimbursement Guidelines for details about the reimbursement process and what documentation to submit.

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