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Writing Center

Take advantage of this free academic service. The Center is staffed with experienced writers and teachers who offer support to graduate student of varying writing abilities.

The Writing Center is part of the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning.

See the Writing Center website for current hours and available appointment formats (virtual or in-person).
The Writing Center also facilitates writing retreats, writing groups, and dissertation writing workshops for graduate students.
Sheridan Center's English Language Support offers a workshop series as well as one-on-one consultations with a dedicated staff person for multilingual writers.


The Writing Center is a free academic support service available to all members of the Brown Community. Writing Center staff are experienced writers and teachers who participate in ongoing training in Writing Center theory and practice and non-hierarchical methods of teaching writing one-on-one. Experienced as well as inexperienced writers are encouraged to come to the Center to talk about and work on their writing. Writing Center staff can work with writers who are just starting, midway through, and at the finishing stages of a project. Writers work with the Center to talk through their ideas to gain greater clarity and a sense of purpose (sometimes before they have even begun writing), to overcome writer's block, to develop a writing schedule, to appropriately and persuasively address particular audiences, to tighten their arguments, to strengthen their organizational structures, and to work on issues of clarity and style. While the Writing Center does not offer copy-editing, we do work with writers in one-on-one consultations to develop self-editing skills.


The Writing Center also employs around 40 graduate students each academic year. If you wish to become a part of the Writing Center's staff.

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