Graduate School

Research Matters 2022

Watch the videos from the Graduate School's Research Matters event, which was held on April 21, 2022. The brief talks showcase excellent student scholarship and foster intellectual exchange across disciplines.

Aarit Ahuja

Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience
Topic: It's All in Your Head: Simulation in the Primate Brain

Danielle Blum

Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry
Topic: The Art of Fingerprinting Air Pollution

Sarah Christensen

Ph.D. Candidate in History
Topic: Emotional Histories of Enslaved Women in Early Medieval Europe

Joe Colleyshaw

Ph.D. Candidate in Slavic Studies
Topic: 1,000 Years in Russian Cultural Memory

Cooro Harris

Ph.D. Candidate in Chemistry
Topic: Making Tough Polymers with Green Nanocatalysts

Joseph Heffner

Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences
Topic: Economic Inequality Corrupts Moral Standards

Kristin Kimble

Ph.D. Candidate in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Topic: How Can Paleoclimate Research Inform Future Climate Predictions?

Ethan Kyzivat

Ph.D. Candidate in Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Topic: Mapping the Arctic’s Changing Wetlands

Jorge Ledesma

Ph.D. Student in Epidemiology
Topic: The Global Burden of Tuberculosis: From Evidence to Action

Alison M. Veintimilla

Master’s Student in Biotechnology
Topic: Bacteriophages: A Micro Solution to a Macro Problem

Donnell A. Williamson Jr.

Ph.D. Student in Religious Studies
Topic: Between Faith and Despair

Baoli Yang

Ph.D. Candidate in Comparative Literature
Topic: Resurrecting Sleeping Medieval Asian Manuscripts